Passing the Days

Monday, March 16th Brennan makes fresh baguette.  I do a workout in the basement.  My plan is for a strength workout at least three times a week and walking every day! I also would love to do some yoga at least once a week, but it is so hard for me to SLOW down.  The... Continue Reading →

Reacting and adjusting…

So that Sunday, March 15th, we hiked. Lindsey, Megan, all the kids, and I.  We drove through the I-25 gap construction about 20 minutes to Larkspur to Dawson's Butte.  It is a 5-mile loop that includes sandy spots, rolling hills, and vast views.  While Megan, Lindsey and I had done it before, it was the... Continue Reading →

Leading up to isolation…

COVID - 19 or Coronavirus came upon us like a tsunami.  The US started hearing about it in early 2020.  By February, it was a regular part of the news.  By March, it was part of everyday conversation. Friday, March 6th Hayden and I jump in the car after school to head to Littleton for... Continue Reading →

Some Poetry

Pontoon Boat Her pontoons bob on the lake. She welcomes riders, twelve in all. Her engine roars to life, and she slides away from the dock. Her red, white, and blue waves to those left behind. Our bodies are swallowed in her soft seats. Off we go. Passengers jump into the lake to escape the... Continue Reading →

The Dog Walker

“Mom, Reagan needs to go out!” I shout into the kitchen. “Not by yourself, Hillary, I’ll go with you in just a minute. I’m almost done with the dishes.” Click, click, click… clack… clack… clack.  Reagan paces back and forth, back and forth.    I am eight and a half.  Certainly old enough to walk... Continue Reading →

the puck

  Out of darkness, away from the group, I tumble, bumble, and land, SLAM! The cold ice smacks my black skin. Scraping, slamming, yelling, whistles. Practice begins. My fellow pucks and I sit, wait... A pair of skates approaches. WHACK! I slide across the sheet of ice. WHACK! Back again to meet another stick. WHACK!... Continue Reading →

A Spring Walk Poem

We grab the leash, Walk out the front door, and begin our walk, Brennan and I. The sun has set on this Easter Monday, our first day back to school after break. The walk last night it was cold, cold, cold. The wind howled through our ears making them whistle in agony. Tonight, as the... Continue Reading →

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