Some Poetry

Seneca Lake, NY at Sunset

Pontoon Boat

Her pontoons bob on the lake.

She welcomes riders,

twelve in all.

Her engine roars to life,

and she slides away from the dock.

Her red, white, and blue waves to those left behind.

Our bodies are swallowed in her soft seats.

Off we go.

Passengers jump into the lake to escape the sun.

Her ladder welcomes them aboard.

As the sun sets,

the water sparkles,

she meanders home.


The Lamp of Lava

Swirling, swimming, silent, silver stars.

Reflecting sparkles on the wall like indoor twinkling stars.

Dancing in a liquid bath,


twirling tornado.




A cone of wonder.

The movements hypnotizes.

I am still.

Oh the Places…

Hikes over waterfalls,

jets over mountains,

paddle boards on lakes,


car rides,

bed time…

Just the right size to keep me hydrated.

Blue and gray,

screw top with strap,

smooth to the touch.

Half full or half empty?

Depends on the day…

When it’s empty,





My Nalgene goes where I go.



4 thoughts on “Some Poetry

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  1. You had fun with poetry this week! I love the personification of the pontoon boat and the repetition of the “welcome.” My water bottle travels with me, too – what a clever way to share setting! The line breaks for “fill it up again” create the drama needed to convey the importance of keeping your Nalgene ready for action! Happy Tuesday!

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